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Joy in Life Comes Easily to a Young Recipient

Heart and Coronary Arteries Recipient
New Jersey

When she was only a toddler, doctors discovered that Aliyah’s heart was severely damaged, and that even at that young age, she would need an organ transplant. She received a new heart, thanks to a generous donor. But her troubles weren’t over. Six years later, a degenerative condition affected Aliyah’s coronary arteries and she received another transplant.

All of this has not dampened Aliyah’s spirits. In fact, it’s strengthened her desire to help. When Aliyah’s mother, LaNaye, began to suffer from symptoms similar to her daughter’s, she also had a heart transplant through the generosity of a donor. Aliyah was the voice of experience—giving her mother advice and watching over her throughout the transplantation process.

Through it all, she has demonstrated an amazing spirit. Today, she continues to talk about her experience and spread the word about transplantation, especially among African Americans. As her mother explains, “Aliyah knows what it’s like to have another chance at life.”

Aliyah’s story is courtesy of New Jersey Sharing Network, New Providence, NJ.

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