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Learn About Workplace Partners

What Do Workplace Partners Do?

Workplace partners educate their employees about the importance of blood, bone marrow, organ, eye, and tissue donation. They also give employees opportunities to register as donors.

  • Workplace partners create donation awareness programs for their companies. They use email blasts, social media, fact sheets, and videos to encourage donation.
  • One key strategy is Give 5—Save Lives. Partners give employees five minutes during the workday to sign up to be donors.

Is Your Employer a Workplace Partner?

View our workplace partners.

If your company is listed, talk to your human resources department about how to help promote organ donation. If your company is not listed, encourage your employer to sign up to save lives.

Become a Workplace Partner

Help save lives. Encourage organ donor registrations at your place of business. Visit Workplace Partnership for Life to get your colleagues to help save lives.

Workplace Partners in Action

Workplace partners offer employees the chance to learn about and make decisions about donation. Partners range from small organizations to large, and they all can help save lives.

Below are stories of several partners. We would also like to feature YOUR efforts here. When you become a partner, let us know what you're planning. Or if you are already a partner but haven’t shared your story, let us know how you are helping to save lives.

AETNA provides donation information to employees at wellness fairs and blood drives. The company also tells employees about donation via newsletters, e-mail messages, internal website and special mailings. Materials about donation have been distributed through AETNA's Diverse Employee Networks, every AETNA Volunteer Council in the nation, and six regional Emerging Markets Heads. AETNA headquarters refers its offices to this website for a list of organ procurement organizations that can help with awareness programs.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee held a campaign that educated nearly 3,000 employees about benefit coverage for transplants and created donation awareness. Participants received Blue Jean Casual stickers that let them wear blue jeans to work on one day. The stickers included the Gift of Life Donation Initiative ribbon/heart logo.

For more than five years, the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Healthcare system has been a Workplace Partner. They have increased awareness and donor registration with internal and public activities. In One year, they held a butterfly release to honor all donors and recipients. Says Sister Michelle O'Brien, a liver recipient and employee, "Because we recognize the rare opportunity to donate life to someone awaiting a lifesaving transplant—Giving Life a Second Chance—we are partners in the crusade to educate our community about the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation."

CORE Small Business Challenge Reaps Big Results.

What do hair salons, gyms, and restaurants have in common? The Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) recruited all of them to register organ, eye, and tissue donors during their 2019 Small Business Challenge.

CORE, the organ procurement organization for parts of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York, launched the Small Business Challenge in 2018. Business owners compete to sign up organ donors. As a result of the 2019 Challenge, 150 people registered.

Fit 4 Boxing Club, a gym north of Pittsburgh, won the challenge by registering 54 new donors at events and encouraging sign-ups at the end of each class. “We enjoy connecting with folks in our community and supporting local causes whenever possible,” said Brett Burkhart, Fit 4 Boxing Club’s general manager. “Several of our members even took cards home for their loved ones to fill out, and we had huge success with the organ donor drive.”

In April 2019, Studio RAW, a Pittsburgh-area hair salon, offered free haircuts to 15 people who registered as organ, eye, and tissue donors. The salon also used social media to encourage organ donor sign-ups by sharing photos and stories of people on the transplant waiting list. The salon owner, Dan Burda, places messages on social media and has a sandwich board in front of his shop.

Ford Motor Company has supported the Workplace Partnership for Life since its beginning. Ford has encouraged employees to consider donation through articles in @Ford magazine, blood/marrow/organ donor drives, email messages from corporate leaders, and Lunch N' Learn programs. Ford volunteers also encourage DMV customers to sign up as organ donors as they renew their driver's licenses and ID cards.

Arizona Brewery Taps Customers as Organ Donors.

A brewery may not be an obvious site for recruiting organ, eye, and tissue donors. But for Flying Basset Brewing near Phoenix, Arizona, it worked perfectly. Community service has flowed since Sara Cotton and her husband, Rob Gagnon, opened the 200-seat brewery and bar in February 2018. And their most successful drive has been registering organ donors.

During National Donate Life Month in April 2019, Donor Network of Arizona (DNA)—the organ procurement organization serving Arizona—held its annual Heroes for Hope donor drive. Flying Basset signed up 102 new donors. This was the second-highest number of registrations of all groups involved.

The partnership with Flying Basset shows what people can accomplish when they “think outside the box,” said Nico Santos, DNA Media Relations Coordinator.

Flying Basset’s owners believe talking to people in a relaxed, fun environment can spread the message about organ donation more effectively than in a clinical setting.

General Motors/UAW’s model program, Life Match, has added 3,000 employees the donor registry of the C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program. Twenty-five percent of them are from diverse backgrounds. Other companies are now using the GM/UAW model to promote donation.

Cigna Partnership with Gift of Hope Boosts Regional Donor Registrations.

The Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network is a nonprofit organ procurement organization. Gift of Hope joined Cigna, the global health service company, to boost donor registrations in Illinois and Indiana.

Every year, Cigna employees suggest local charities to adopt as a part of the company’s Building a Brighter Tomorrow Program. A Cigna vice president, whose wife received a new liver, recommended Gift of Hope.

“This was a personal issue that our team wanted to support,” said Danielle Honigstein, Cigna Midwest Project Manager.

The partnership kicked off in December 2019 with a memory box-making workshop. Gift of Hope and Cigna staff and donor families made 288 memory boxes for donor families as a tribute to their loved ones. The Kyle Zuleg Foundation provided blankets for each memory box.

Cigna includes organ donation messages in employee health and wellness programs. They also give insurance customers the option to register as organ, eye, and tissue donors during open enrollment in November 2020.

“Cigna is really helping us be creative in having a presence in the workplace,” said Maureen Kwiecinski, Vice President of External Affairs and General Counsel at Gift of Hope. “That’s why they loved the memory box-making.”
The organizations are working to add a link to state donation registries on the Cigna website. This will let Gift of Hope track the number of donor registrations over the year.

The Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA) and the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) launched a program to increase the number of people on the Louisiana organ donor registry by 160,000 new donors by the end of 2009. The partnership aimed to increase donation education in every hospital in Louisiana and help hospitals become a source of knowledge about donation for their communities. Staff from 50 hospitals attended the training, and 70 hospitals are now part of the effort. One hospital that sent staff to training organized a Donate Life flag-raising ceremony to honor their first-ever organ donor during Donate Life Month in April. The goal of 160,000 new registered donors was surpassed—not at the end of 2009 but in August. Over the next two years, the LHA/LOPA partnership helped increase the donor registry by over a quarter of a million new donors.

The National Speakers Association’s president posted a letter on supporting donation to the group’s website. The letter urged members to make a personal decision about donation and to mention donation during public presentations. NSA also placed two donor registration cards in an issue of its Speaker magazine.

In 2010, Quest Diagnostics became a Workplace Partner. Quest promoted the partnership by giving posters and other materials to its sites across the country. An internal website made organ and tissue donation information available for the company's 43,000 employees. Quest’s goal is to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation and increase the number of designated donors.

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