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DoNation Campaign

DoNation: Uniting America's workforce for organ, eye, and tissue donation.

The Workplace Partnership for Life program is now the DoNation Campaign, uniting America’s workforce for organ, eye, and tissue donation. DoNation engages workplaces of all sizes and across all industries in efforts to improve awareness about organ donation and transplantation and to sign more people up as organ, eye, and tissue donors.

2022 hospital campaign continued a lifesaving mission

1,333 hospitals helped add 50,850 donor registrations between October 2021 and May 2022

As hospitals and healthcare workers adapted to a new normal in response to ongoing COVID-19 challenges, 1,333 small and large hospitals worked with donation organizations to promote organ, eye, and tissue donation and prompted 50,850 people to sign up to be donors! In the 11 years of the Hospital Campaign, partners have added more than 630,000 donor registrations—increasing the number of organs available for transplantation to improve the lives of others.

Join the 2023 DoNation Campaign

Creating donation-friendly cultures

Workplaces large and small, across every business sector are invited to join the DoNation Campaign! Help create a donation-friendly culture in your workplace using free DoNation tools and resources. Be part of the program that has encouraged over 630,000 Americans to become organ donors since 2011! Sign up as a DoNation Partner.

How it works

Download the DoNation Toolkit to get started. Plan your workplace outreach activities using the DoNation Campaign Scorecard (PDF - 442 KB). Work with your local donation organization to track the number of people who sign up as organ donors as a result of your outreach. Work with your local Organ Procurement Organization to submit your scorecard after completing your campaign activities. Earn recognition from HRSA’s Division of Transplantation.

For more information about DoNation, email or visit the DoNation webpage.

Use the DoNation Toolkit and Scorecard to ensure your campaign is a success. Download the resources and get started! 

•    DoNation Toolkit for Businesses (PDF - 2 MB)
•    DoNation Toolkit for Hospitals and Healthcare Workplaces (PDF - 2 MB)
•    DoNation Campaign Scorecard (PDF - 442 KB)

Additional DoNation resources, including social media graphics, screensavers, and customizable templates are available in the Outreach Materials Library.

Use the glossary below to learn more about activities that typically happen within hospitals and healthcare environments. Then, work with your local OPO to find ways to execute similar activities in your workplace and earn scorecard points! 

Community health fairs & screening events

Just as many hospital workplaces sponsor annual blood drives or health screenings, your workplace can implement organ, eye, and tissue donor registration drives. Provide information about the importance of organ donation, bust common organ donation myths, and give visitors the chance to sign up as donors on the spot. Your OPO can help with planning, themes, or coordinating efforts with other DoNation partners. 

Donor memorial services & celebrations

Donor memorial services and other donation celebrations are ways of honoring those who gave the ultimate gift. When celebrating a specific donor, their family and friends are typically invited to attend, and the service provides a chance to celebrate and remember the donor’s life. Attendees share their gratitude for the donor and their legacy of generosity. Within your workplace, consider holding ceremonies that honor organ donors broadly, by lighting candles or conducting other ceremonial services. Your OPO can help with ideas and planning. 

Flag raising ceremonies

Flag raising ceremonies honor organ donors and families by raising the Donate Life America flag. Typically, these ceremonies are held at hospitals, especially during National Donate Life Month in April or following an organ donation. However, any workplace with a flag pole is encouraged to fly the Donate Life America flag at any time during the year as a display of remembrance, hope, and support for organ, eye, and tissue donation. Work with your local OPO to hold a flag-raising ceremony or find alternate ways to participate. 

Living donor programs

Invite people who are or have been affected by and connected to organ donation and transplantation to speak with your workplace about their experience. Use this as an opportunity to share the importance of signing up as a donor. Reach out to your local OPO to be connected with individuals involved in organ donation outreach.

Donor honor walks

Donor honor walks are commonly held at hospitals to honor those who chose to donate their organs. Hospital staff line the hallway leading from the donor’s room to the operating room as the donor, accompanied by their family, is transported for organ recovery. Honor walks are a solemn and inspirational occasion to reflect on the power and generosity of giving the gift of life. Your OPO can help you find ways to honor donors or hold a memorial walk or service to broadly recognize those who gave the ultimate gift. 

Register for upcoming DoNation webinars, access recent webinar recordings, and use video resources and tutorials to stay up to date, get inspired, and connect with the organ donation community.

Upcoming webinars

DoNation 2024 Campaign Kickoff
Wednesday, October 25, 2023
2 – 3 p.m. ET
This webinar will review campaign basics and feature best practices for leveraging DoNation resources as you plan your 2024 campaign. Register for this webinar.

Webinar recordings


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