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Project Summaries: State Donor Registry Support Program

Fiscal Year 2009

Grantee: Virginia Department of Health
Grant #: G21OT15008
Consortium Members: Washington Regional Transplant Community, Donate Life Virginia, Old Dominion Eye Foundation, Inc., LifeNet Health
Project Title: State Donor Registry Support Program
Description: This project will enhance Virginia's existing donor registry by improving the system's capacity to access and collect donor information, achieving ongoing evaluation and review to coordinate and optimize community outreach and education, and increasing sensitivity and access for diverse communities. This project has three goals: (1) to improve the mechanism, security and timeliness of uploading DMV donor designations to a weekly upload, (2) to improve information collection and evaluation of database demographics, and (3) to translate the existing Web site into Spanish.

Fiscal Year 2008

Grantee: Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
Grant #: G21OT10660
Consortium Members: Donate Life New England, New England Organ Bank, LifeChoice Donor Services
Project Title: Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Enhancement Project
Description: This project proposed to enhance the existing donor registry by adding Internet access as a second enrollment method. Outreach primarily focused on the student population, specifically in Boston and in western MA where the largest college population exists. The grantee designed, developed and implemented an Internet-accessible site to create the ability to register intent to become an organ donor through this method of registration and developed a "train the trainer" program for RMV branch clerks.

Grantee: State of New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division
Grant #: G21OT10658
Consortium Members: New Mexico Donor Services, New Mexico Lions Eye Bank
Project Title: Increasing Organ and Tissue Donor Registrations in New Mexico
Description: This project is developing an online organ donor registration process operated by the state of New Mexico's Motor Vehicle Department to encourage driver's license applicants and license holders to register through an opt-in process. The project will target all residents of the state of New Mexico and will include a link to a Spanish-language site that will contain and collect identical information. The goals are to increase organ donor registrations by improving public awareness, education and participation statewide. This will be accomplished by providing an easily accessible online donor registry and multilingual options where applicable.

Grantee: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services
Grant #: G21OT10662
Consortium Members: University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, Wisconsin Donor Network, LifeSource of Minnesota, American Tissue Services Foundation, Inc., Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, Regeneration Technologies Donor Services, Wisconsin Tissue Bank, Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Transplant Program, Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Transplant Program, Donate Life Wisconsin
Project Title: Wisconsin Donor Registry Project
Description: This project is developing and implementing a statewide electronic portal for the Wisconsin donor registry and a secure, web-based access to the registry for authorized recovery organizations. The registry's online access will be associated with links to established online references on awareness and education. The goals are to increase donation and save more lives, help ease the burden of decision-making, increase designated donors and conversion rates, increase collaboration between the donation and transplant community, and raise awareness and understanding about donation.

Fiscal Year 2007

Grantee: North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
Grant #: G21OT08394
Consortium Members: Carolina Donor Services, North Carolina Eye Bank, and LifeShare of the Carolinas
Project Title: Increasing Donation in North Carolina by Upgrading the Donor Registry
Description: The goal of this project was to increase access to the North Carolina donor registry by adding an Internet-based method of enrollment to complement the existing enrollment capacity through the Division of Motor Vehicles. The new Internet function allows North Carolinians, including non-drivers, out-of-state individuals, and others to enroll in the state registry free of charge using private or public Internet sites.

Grantee: Health Research, Inc.
Grant #: G21OT08395
Consortium Members: Center for Donation and Transplant, Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network, New York Alliance for Donation, New York Organ Donor Network, Rochester Eye & Human Parts Bank, The Eye Bank for Sight Restoration, and Upstate New York Transplant Services
Project Title: New York State Donate Life Registry Enhancement Project
Description: This project expanded, improved, and enhanced the existing New York State Donate Life Registry by adding operational and maintenance efficiencies, quality and data management improvements, and improved security. The project advanced the registry from capturing "intent" to donate to capturing "consent" to donate, and enabled it to maintain up-do-date information for designated users to identify donors and provide research data.

Grantee: Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Grant #: G21OT08396
Consortium Members: Mid-America Transplant Services, Midwest Transplant Network, Missouri Kidney Program, Gift of Life Kansas City, Heartland Lions Eye Banks
Project Title: Missouri Organ Donor Registry Enhancement
Description: This project increased the efficiency and effectiveness of Missouri's organ donor registry by adding donor designation and limitation options, as well as an evaluation capacity. The upgraded registry has a Web-based system with multiple portals that are available 24/7 to residents, organ procurement organizations, tissue banks, and other organ and tissue donation advocates.

Grantee: West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles
Grant #: G21OT08397
Consortium Members: Center for Organ Recovery and Education, Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates, Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement Organization, and a representative for the eye and tissue banks that serves West Virginia
Project Title: Enhancement of an Existing Registry: Improving West Virginia's Electronic Registry
Description: This project included a second point of entry for donor designation on West Virginia's existing donor registry, and enabled the provision of data to organ procurement organizations and other interested parties for education, outreach, and research. Also, the project now has the capacity to track the number of designated donors that become actual donors. The new Internet portal uploads new registrations directly into the Division of Motor Vehicles' database.

Fiscal Year 2006

Grantee: Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Grant #: G21OT07682
Consortium Members: Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates, LifeCenter Organ Donor Network, University of Louisville Lions Eye Bank
Project Title: Campaign Utilizing the Kentucky Driver's License Issuance and Renewal Process
Description: To increase donation awareness and provide an easily accessible way to sign up on the Kentucky donor registry, this project created a statewide electronic registry with enrollment capability through the Department of Transportation's driver's license program. It also provided education on donation and transplantation for Circuit Court clerks and deputies.

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