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Grant Programs

The Division of Transplantation (DoT) funds grant awards to eligible entities. The purpose of these awards is to promote organ donor and get more people to sign up as organ donors. To get updates about funding opportunities, sign up for a subscription using CFDA Number 93.134.

Increasing Organ Donation Awareness Program funds research projects to reduce the gap between the need for organ transplants and the supply of organs. The research identifies model strategies for increasing organ donation and enrollment in state donor registries.

See summaries of previous DoT grants and program showcase webinars.

Lost Wages Support for Living Organ Donors Demonstration Project is a national project funded through a cooperative agreement that seeks to assess whether reimbursing lost wages increases individuals’ willingness to become living organ donors by studying the effect of reimbursement of lost wages on individuals’ decision to consider living donation.

DoT also funds a national program to reduce financial barriers to living organ donation.

The Living Organ Donation Reimbursement Program funds the National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC) to assist living organ donors. The NLDAC reimburses qualified living organ donors for expenses related to their evaluation, surgery, and follow-up visitsQualified expenses include travel, housing, meals and incidentals, lost wages, and child-care and elder-care expenses.

Visit the National Living Donor Assistance Center for more information.

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