Grant Bulletins

Periodically the Division of Transplantation (DoT) emails a bulletin sharing information about research projects funded through DoT. Find past bulletins below and sign up to receive future bulletins. We hope you’ll share these with your organ donation or research colleagues.


Schooling their peers: Can students encourage others on campus to register?

The June 2017 Grant Bulletin summarizes the outcome of three grant projects focused on college students in New York State. The projects added more than 5,000 donor registrations to the New York registry and found effective ways to increase registrations among 18 to 24 year olds.


What are the most effective DMV outreach tactics?

The March 2017 Grant Bulletin (PDF - 91 KB) provides details of two research projects focused on tactics to increase donor registrations at DMVs. The New York and Michigan projects evaluated the effectiveness of point-of-decision materials, donor registration volunteers at DMVs, DMV staff training, and mandating that DMV staff ask the donor registration question to every customer.


Want to Drive Donation Decisions at DMVs?

Read the January 2017 Grant Bulletin (PDF - 491 KB), the first in a two-part series exploring projects that tested ways to increase the rates at which people register at the DMV. Part 1 features projects in Florida and West Virginia that increased registration rates, added 9,600 additional donor registrations to state registries, and identified strategies that work at the DMV.



Looking for effective ways to reach the 50+ crowd?

Read the November 2016 Grant Bulletin to learn the results of three grant projects that tested ways to encourage adults ages 50 and older to register as organ, eye, and tissue donors. The projects summarized in this bulletin added 4,501 donor registrations to state registries.

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