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An Aunt’s Loving Gift Means New Life for Girl

Kidney Recipient
Puerto Rico

Yatska, a beautiful redhead baby, was born with a condition called Bardet-Biedl syndrome, which affected her sight and hearing along with her vital organs.

She was stable for a while, but after a long day in the park with her family, she felt tired and was taken to the doctor. By the end of the week, she was diagnosed with severe kidney failure, so at the age of 5 she went on dialysis. Her mother and father were tested to see if they could donate a kidney, but neither was compatible with Yatska. However, her aunt proved to be a match, and in 2003 the transplant was successfully performed.

Years later, Yatska continues to thrive. She still has Bardet–Biedl syndrome, but she lives a normal life and enjoys spending time with her family, especially her twin sisters, Onelis and Wilnelis. She is also a volunteer for LifeLink of Puerto Rico.

Yatska's story is courtesy of LifeLink of Puerto Rico, Guaynabo, PR.

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