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A Chance to Be Just Like Other Children

Liver Recipient

As an infant, Khalieghya was diagnosed with biliary atresia, meaning she had a blockage in the tubes that carried bile from her liver to her gallbladder. Doctors performed the Kasai Procedure to connect the bile ducts together, however, the surgery was unsuccessful. It soon became clear that baby Khalieghya needed a liver transplant to survive.

Khalieghya was put on the national transplant waiting list for a liver, but her mother worried that she might get bumped by a case considered more severe. Khalieghya was five months old when her family received word that they had found a liver match. Khalieghya's mother was amazed that another family was able to see through their own grief and make a decision to donate their child's organs.

Khalieghya is just like other kids. She plays, runs, sings, dances, spins, jumps, hugs, kisses, loves people, goes outdoors, and takes only one small dose of anti-rejection medication twice a day.

Khalieghya's story is courtesy of Donor Network West, San Ramon, CA (formerly California Transplant Donor Network, Oakland, CA).

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