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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Father’s Donation Sets Example that Daughter Still Follows

Donor's Daughter and Donation Volunteer

Stanley was a guy who lived each day to its fullest. He was a sales executive, mentor, devoted husband, loving father, and a novice tennis star. One day, Stan suffered severe head trauma, causing him to become brain dead. When his wife, Judy, was approached about donating Stan’s organs for transplant, she knew there was only one answer. In the midst of tragedy, her decision to donate Stan’s organs gave life to others.

Since that sad day, the donation has become a lasting legacy for their daughter, Jillian. Now, Jillian encourages others to consider giving the “gift of life” as a volunteer for LifeLink of Georgia. She has spoken about organ donation to college students and appeared at the Atlanta Braves’ Tom Glavin’s Spring Training Fundraiser for the Georgia Transplant Foundation to present Hannah Montana’s autographed guitar as an auction item and to encourage 600 guests to become organ donors.

Inspired by her father’s example, Jillian proves that it’s never too early for a child to begin helping others.

Jillian's story is courtesy of LifeLink of Georgia, Norcross, GA.

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