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A New Heart Brings a Promising New Life

Heart Recipient

Today, Brittany is a confident young girl with goals and promise, thanks to the gift of life. But her young life has been filled with challenges.

Since birth, Brittany has experienced many serious health issues. Born with a congenital heart defect, she had open-heart surgery at the age of two, and again at the age of four.

The surgeries had limited success and her health continued to deteriorate. By the time Brittany was eight years old, she would often become tired, without enough energy to make it through the day. Doctors told her family that Brittany’s heart was enlarged and she would need a transplant to survive. Brittany was placed on the national transplant waiting list for a heart.

When she was nine, Brittany was taken to the hospital for a cauterization procedure, however, she ended up being admitted for six months, waiting for a donor heart. While she was there, a donor heart became available. A 13-year-old girl had passed away after being hit by a car.

Brittany does not know her donor’s family. However, if she had the opportunity to speak with her donor, she would say, “Thank you. I know that I am not just reaching my goals, but your goals as well.”

Brittany comments that her family is very proud of her. “Any situation where they have to introduce me or my story, they love it,” says Brittany.

Story courtesy of Brittany.

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