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Family Turns Tragedy into Blessing for Many

Tribhawan and Jasmin
Organ Donor

In 2005, Tribhawan and Jasmin did not know much about organ donation. But when their 21-year-old son, Anand, suffered fatal head injuries in a car accident, the attending nurse gently encouraged them to consider donation. They agreed and their son’s heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas were transplanted to save the lives of six people.

Now Anand’s family takes every opportunity to tell others about organ donation. Tribhawan is a volunteer for TransLife in Florida, the National Donor Family Council, and the National Kidney Foundation, and he frequently shares his family’s story. “Anand was this terrific guy, this loving guy,” he recalls. “What a waste it would have been if we hadn’t donated his organs. We are very happy that we made the best decision.”

Anand’s family members have made contact with four of their son’s recipients, and are comforted to know that their son’s donation has helped others.  “This is a blessing that we were able to make a difference in their lives,” he says. “Some of them are having children, some are having grandchildren.”

Tribhawan also urges others to register to become organ donors. “No one knows when they may die, but when you go, you can leave a legacy,” he says. “Should anything happen to you, you will be a blessing to somebody’s family. As long as the sun shines, you will be remembered.”

Tribhawan recently found the nurse who attended to his son and told her how her words had changed him and had benefited so many others. “We can make a difference in people’s lives,” he says. “It’s all about sharing and caring.”

Story courtesy of Anand’s parents, Tribhawan and Jasmin.

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