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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Hospital Organ Donation Campaign

Campaign Participation Grows by 15% in 2019

Nearly 1,500 hospitals participated in the 2019 Workplace Partnership for Life Hospital Campaign to promote organ, eye, and tissue donation in their facilities and communities. Hospitals and community partners earned points for each scorecard activity (PDF - 135 KB) completed and new donor registration recorded between October 2018 and April 2019. Working with donation organizations and state hospital associations, the hospitals added more than 48,000 donor registrations to state registries and the Puerto Rico registry, which includes registrations from the U.S. Virgin Islands. The campaign has generated more than 492,000 registrations since it began in 2011. 

Hospitals that reached certain benchmarks for conducting activities have earned bronze, silver, gold, or platinum recognition from HRSA. Their donation organizations and the campaign’s national partners will recognize them in the coming months. See the list of hospitals (PDF - 819 KB) that earned recognition. 

Not part of a hospital or health care system? Any workplace can help promote organ, eye, and tissue donation as part of HRSA’s Workplace Partnership for Life (WPFL) program. Learn more about WPFL.

For more information about WPFL and the Hospital Campaign, email

Use these materials to publicize your success in the 2019 Hospital Campaign.

Web Badges and Banners (ZIP - 1.8 MB)

Social Media Graphics (ZIP - 1.1 MB)

News Release Templates (ZIP - 321 KB)

List of All Partners Recognized (PDF - 818 KB)

Hospital Campaign "Thank You" Video HRSA Exit Disclaimer

The 2020 Hospital Campaign runs October 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020. Hospitals and health care organizations can now enroll to participate. (Hospitals that have participated in past campaigns do not need to re-enroll.) Complete the Enrollment Form (PDF - 181 KB) and follow the instructions to submit. For questions about enrolling in the Hospital Campaign, contact

Download the 2019 Scorecard (PDF - 336 KB)

For help getting started, watch the This Is How You Do It Exit disclaimer video online or download a copy.


Thumbnail image of the Hospital Campaign Webinar: This is How You Do It

For more tips for launching your campaign, read the Six Strategies for Success in the Hospital Campaign guide (PDF - 450 KB).

Webinar: 2019 Hospital Campaign Wrap-Up and Celebration

View the recording HRSA Exit Disclaimer

Speakers on this webinar shared early results of the 2019 Hospital Campaign, with a focus on the number of hospitals participated and how many registrations were generated by campaign activities. Guest speakers shared how a rural hospital in New York collected more than 100 registrations. Webinar participants shared their own campaign success stories.

Webinar: Doing More in Donate Life Month—Easy Ideas for Action

View the recording HRSA Exit Disclaimer

Guest speakers on this webinar shared a variety of fun Hospital Campaign activities to try during Donate Life Month in April. Speakers also highlighted easy steps hospitals can take to earn recognition whether they’re just starting their campaign or working toward platinum.

Webinar: Gold Standard in Communication

View the recording HRSA Exit Disclaimer

Speakers on this webinar shared communications tactics that prompted 3,000 new donor registrations over a six-week period. Participants learned about a set of steps hospitals can take to go from silver to gold recognition and best practices for filming video with a smartphone.

Webinar: Sights on Silver

View the recording HRSA Exit Disclaimer

Participants on this webinar shared their successes from the first month of the campaign. Speakers outlined a pathway to go from bronze to silver recognition and answered participant questions.

2019 Hospital Campaign Launch Webinar

View the recording HRSA Exit Disclaimer

This webinar provided an overview of the 2019 Hospital Campaign timeline and materials. Speakers shared a method for hospital participants to reach bronze recognition in as little as a month and answered webinar attendees’ questions about the campaign.

2019 Hospital Campaign Coaching Webinar

View the recording HRSA Exit Disclaimer

This webinar serves as an introduction or refresher for donation and transplantation professionals and hospital staff and volunteers participating in the Hospital Campaign. Speakers provided an overview of campaign materials, including the scorecard, and answered participant questions.

Webinar: 2018 Hospital Campaign Wrap-Up and Celebration

View the recording HRSA Exit Disclaimer

Speakers in this webinar shared the preliminary results of the 2018 Hospital Campaign, with a look at how many hospitals earned recognition and which OPO service areas had hospitals patriciate. Webinar participants shared a variety of novel ideas for campaign activities to promote organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Webinar: Community Engagement through the Hospital Campaign

View the recording HRSA Exit Disclaimer

Speakers and participants attending this webinar (hospitals and organ procurement organizations) shared a variety of ideas for educating the public about organ, eye, and tissue donation through the Hospital Campaign.

Campaign partners can use a variety of outreach materials created specifically for the Hospital Campaign.

Partners are also welcome to use’s other outreach materials and social media materials.

These associations and organizations support the Hospital Campaign by offering planning advice, promoting the campaign to their members, and recognizing partners for their successes in the campaign.

  • American Hospital Association
  • American Society of Transplantation
  • American Society of Transplant Surgeons
  • Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation
  • Association of Organ Procurement Organizations
  • Donate Life America
  • International Transplant Nurses Society
  • NATCO, The Organization for Transplant Professionals
  • Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance
  • United Network for Organ Sharing
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