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Grant Programs

The Division of Transplantation (DoT) supports efforts by public and nonprofit organizations to support its goals through various grant programs.  For additional information about the grant programs and to receive up-to-date notifications you may sign up for a subscription, using CFDA Number 93.134.

Below you will find more information about DoT grant programs.

The Grantee Showcase webinar provides participants the opportunity to hear from grantees who had recently completed projects funded by DoT. The grantees provided an overview of their project activities and outcomes. The showcase gives viewers the opportunity to learn about the experiences of previous grantees and some of the types of projects that have been funded in the past. 

Social and Behavioral Interventions to Increase Solid Organ Donation funds research projects to implement and evaluate approaches to reduce the gap between the demand for organ transplants and the supply of organs by identifying successful strategies that can serve as model interventions to increase  public commitment to organ donation and enrollment in state donor registries.  Accordingly, this program supports sound applied research efforts to test the effectiveness of strategies that target any of three program objectives addressing the goal.

October 15, 2015
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Call-in Number: 866.658.5908
Participant Passcode: 8571504

Public Education Efforts to Increase Organ and Tissue Donation supports the replication of successful strategies or models for increasing public commitment to organ donation and enrollment in state donor registries.  No new applications to this grant program will be funded in FY 2016.

Clinical Interventions to Increase Organ Procurement funds highly promising research into improvements in clinical management of deceased organ donors. This program has provided support for the implementation and evaluation of highly promising strategies and approaches serving as model interventions for identifying appropriate organ donor candidates, evaluating donated organs, maintaining donor clinical stability and optimizing methods for organ procurement. This grant program will not be funded in FY 2016.

Reimbursement of Travel and Subsistence Expenses Toward Living Organ Donation Program supports a national program to provide reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses to individuals making living donations of their organs. The Regents of the University of Michigan (UM) has been operating this national program since September 2006 through two successive 4-years cooperative agreements with HRSA.  The cooperative agreement with UM was renewed for five years in September 2014. 

For more information about the program, visit the Living Donor Assistance website HRSA Exit Disclaimer.

State Donor Registry Support Program funded states to develop or enhance a donor registry in which residents enter their consent to be a donor. This grant program is no longer offered.

Media-Based Grassroots Efforts to Increase Minority Solid Organ Donationfunded projects to promote organ and tissue donation in minority populations through combined media and grassroots campaigns.  Projects were required to spend a minimum of 75 percent of their budget on television and radio advertising.  This grant program is no longer offered.

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