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U.S. Government Information on Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
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Organ Donation Videos

These videos bring to life the dramatic difference organ, eye, and tissue donation makes for those suffering from life debilitating diseases and the gracious gift donors leave for the recipients and their loved ones. These inspiring stories encourage people to register as donors.

You are most welcome to post the embed code on your Web site or social media page or download the videos to share with others. Shorter videos can be previewed on the homepage.

Digital Videos

Organ Donation and Transplantation: How Does It Work? (4:54)

This animated video explains the transplant waiting list, how someone becomes a donor, the process of matching organs, and signing up to share the gift of life.


Donación y trasplante de órganos: ¿En qué consiste? (6:00)

This Spanish-language animated video explains the organ donation and transplantation process.


How to Register as an Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donor (0:36)

This animated video describes three easy ways to sign up to become an organ, eye, and tissue donor.


"Do Nation" Digital Video (1:22)

This animation explains that we need more than a donation; we need a “Do Nation” of registered donors.


Una nación que dona: Spanish Digital Video (2:15)

An animation that illustrates the difference a nation of donors can make. In Spanish.


“Made Possible” Videos

Made Possible: 6-year-old Caitlin Saved (1:31)

This video features Caitlin, saved by a liver transplant when she was 5 months old.


Made Possible: 6-year-old Caitlin Saved (:30)

This 30 second video features Caitlin, saved by a liver transplant when she was 5 months old.


Made Possible: Teen Carlee’s Heart/Ballet (:60)

This 60 second video features Carlee, a dynamic 15-year-old dancer and two-time heart recipient.


Made Possible: Teen Carlee’s Heart/Tennis (:30)

This 30 second video features Carlee, a dynamic 15-year-old tennis player and two-time heart recipient.


Made Possible: Teen Blake’s Heart/Soccer (:60)

This 60 second video features Blake, 15, and his mother Robin. Blake feels the power of donation in his heart every time he plays soccer.


Made Possible: Teen Blake’s Heart/Soccer (:30)

This 30 second video features Blake, 15, who feels the power of donation in his heart every time he plays soccer.


Web PSAs


OPOs and All Hospital Campaign Partners Recognized for Organ Donation Outreach (4:17)

Admiral Sarah Linde, Assistant Surgeon General of the United States, congratulates all partners involved in the Hospital Organ Donation Campaign. In Phase IV, 736 hospitals and transplant centers earned gold, silver, or bronze recognition for registration and outreach activities with staff, patients, guests, and communities. Since launching in 2011, the campaign is close to adding 350,000 donor enrollments to state registries around the country, far surpassing early goals. The video highlights the campaign's National Partners and enrolled state hospital associations, Donate Life America state teams, and organ procurement organizations, culminating with a scrolling list showing all OPOs earning Phase IV recognition.


Alonzo Mourning for Organ Donation among Minorities (1:07)

The NBA All-Star talks about why minorities have a greater need for organ transplants and encourages people to sign up as donors.



Alonzo Mourning for Organ Donation (:50)

Hear what this NBA All-Star has to say about organ donation and how it saved his life.




Sharing Hope and Life: An Important Message about Organ Donation for Minority Communities (3:03)

Special information from HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Howard Koh and Dr. Clive Callender, transplant surgeon at Howard University.

Organ Donation among People Over 50


Any Age is the Right Age: Donation for People Over 50 (3:30)

Too many people over the age of 50 think they’re too old to be organ donors. Not true! Learn more and hear what others think about organ donation for people over 50.


Any Age is the Right Age: The Doctors’ Viewpoint (2:28)

A transplant surgeon and transplant psychologist offer their opinion about people over 50 donating the gift of life.

Life Stories: Recipients and Donor Families Experiencing the Gift of Life


Brian Hinsley, Liver Recipient (5:53)

A firefighter, his family, and doctor tell the inspiring story of waiting for the gift of life.

Organ Donation among Minorities

El regalo de vida: Lo que los hispanos deben saber (2:18)

Amalia is a grandmother, mother, wife and heart recipient. In this video, she and her husband Eduardo talk about how many Hispanics in the U.S. are waiting for an organ transplant, and what you need to know about registering. In Spanish.


The Gift of Life: A Special Message for the Asian Community (11:22)

The inspiring stories and special concerns about organ donation for people in Asian communities as told by people of Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese descent.


A Powerful Gift: African Americans and Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation (12:26)

Learn about organ donation and transplantation in the African American community through the personal experiences of recipients, donors, and physicians.


A Second Chance: Hispanics/Latinos and Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation (17:08)

A look at organ transplantation in the Hispanic/Latino community, told in their own words by recipients and their physicians.


Lizbeth, Liver Recipient (2:12)

Lizbeth was a toddler when she received her transplant. Her mother tells the story.


Gloria, Liver Recipient with Suzi, Donor Spouse (2:16)

Gloria received the gift of life from Suzi's husband. This is their story.


Clive O. Callender, MD, Howard University Transplant Surgeon and Advocate (2:13)

The founder of National Minority Donor Awareness Week talks about minorities and organ donation.


Chris, Kidney Recipient (2:53)

Chris talks about going the distance from kidney failure to marathon runner.


Yolanda, Donor Mother (2:30)

Yolanda talks of organ donation in her Native American culture and her personal decision.


Grace, Liver and Kidney Recipient (1:45)

Grace's life and the well-being of her family were threatened until she received her kidney transplant.


Janon, Donor Spouse (2:24)

Janon reflects on the decision she made at a tragic time—the decision her husband had clearly told her he wanted.


Catherine, Donor Mother and Spouse (3:04)

Catherine turned personal tragedy into a mission to help others understand the power of donation.


Kelvin, Liver Recipient (2:55)

Kelvin speaks about his life-threatening experience with liver failure and how his life was saved.


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