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U.S. Government Information on Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
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Workplace Partnership Materials

Order free Workplace Partnership for Life materials

Workplace Partnership Materials are available to support understanding of and participation in this national program to increase donation and the number of designated organ and tissue donors in the United States.

Large Creating A Donation Friendly America folders containing 10 information cards introduce potential partners to the Workplace Partnership concept. The cards provide background on the beginning of the program and its intent, ideas for participation in the program, a sign-up sheet, a customizable press release, donation resources, a list of national events, and several cards describing the need for blood, organ and tissue, and blood stem cell and cord blood donation. The large folder contains one small folder and a copy of Help Central.

Small Creating A Donation Friendly America folders are also available. They detail the need for organ, tissue, blood, and blood stem cell and cord blood donation and how to go about donating each. The small folders are appropriate for distribution to employees and associates of Workplace Partners’ organizations and others. Typically, they are placed in health units, waiting or reception rooms or lounges in the workplace, or other areas where people gather. They provide contact information for donation organizations that can help to institute informational or other programs and provide opportunities for people to sign up as donors.

Included in the large folders is Help Central, a booklet of resources, including a state-by-state list of the Nation’s organ procurement organizations and their service areas.

Creating A Donation Friendly America, large folder

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Creating A Donation Friendly America, small folder

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Give Five, Save Lives Materials

>  Give Five, Save Lives Materials


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