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U.S. Government Information on Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
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“I wasn’t given the ‘Gift of Life’ to live in a glass house.” -- Donald and Kathy Wong A career dedicated to organ donation and transplantation. -- Denise Alveranga, MD, FASN, FACP A dedicated advocate for organ and tissue donation and transplantation. -- Kenneth P. Moritsugu, MD, MPH image. “… there is no greater love than the altruistic love of sharing, and giving, a life.” -- Yeon Won Bae, Ph.D. image. Transplant recipient provides hope to those waiting for the gift of life. -- Mireya Vallina "The real heroes are the donor families." -- Amelia Lifesaving liver transplant at five months old inspires family to give back to their community. -- Mikey (far left) and Family He was "a wonderful husband and a very humble man." -- Gene Ushiroda Transplanted kidney enables medal–winning performance. -- Ken Sutha A driving commitment to saving and healing lives through organ donation. -- Stacy Alvarez-Underwood The nation’s oldest organ donor. -- Carlton "She knows what it's like to have another chance at life." -- Aliyah Boatwright A donor continues to touch people's lives. -- Johnny “We are alive. We are here and we thank you, thank you, thank you.” -- Linda Cheatham World champion martial arts competitor, continues her winning ways... -- May Chen Twelve-year-old transplant recipient masters the art of living. -- Gabriel Clark A nine-year-old's legacy of love and giving. -- Jazmyne Two liver transplants. One amazing life. -- Debbie Delgado-Vega “Through donation, we have found peace. Rhonda is our guardian angel.” -- Rhonda's family “My personal objective is to become the helmsman of the transplant community …” -- Tommy Frieson Working tirelessly to create awareness about organ donation... -- Debbie Mann Gibbs "With his donation, five lives have been saved. He did a great thing." -- Ernest Goh “I’m alive today and doing what I love to do most: helping others.” -- Sergio Gomez Goal is to educate how making the decision to donate can save lives. -- Alvin A new heart helps a young girl continue living and loving. -- Shutong “Someone said ‘yes’ to donating life so that I might have a second chance.” -- Bobby Height, Sr. “The giving oneself is just the ultimate way of saying thank you for being created.” -- Christina Saving lives by advocating for donation. -- Reverend Charles Jenkins One gift of life inspires countless more. -- U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones People of faith, loving acts of donation. -- Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan Her donation transformed the lives of several recipients and their families. -- Anne image. A young woman gives the gift of life. -- Daisy Organ donation touches the life and the work of a Texas surgeon. -- Ruben Lopez, MD “There is no gift more profound.” -- Jessica Melore “Any age, any ethnic group: you are needed.” -- Janet Ocasio image. “We think of Kelly’s donor family and thank them in our hearts every day.” -- Kelly Olmo and her mother, Cathy “I wish I were eloquent enough to express the gratitude I feel to my donor family.” -- Patrick Pruitt A mother and daughter live inspiring lives. -- Klarissa Ramirez and her mother “Manuel has taught me a lot about courage. Life goes on and he goes on with it.” -- Manuel An organ donor truly saves lives and gives hope. -- Sabrina Always ready to lend a hand to those in need. -- Lorraine Spradling “My story would be quite different. So life is good once again …” -- Stephen Surgeon, professor, and passionate donation advocate. -- Clive O. Callender, MD A chance to be just like other children. -- Khalieghya Dandie-Evans “This last gift she made is an everlasting testament to her character.” -- Daw Khin Myint '67 Chevy Impala dedicated to his second chance at life. -- George Rivera “Yes, you can have two heart transplants but you can do whatever you want to do, or be who you want to be.” -- Carlee's thriving with her new heart. A kidney donation transforms a young boy’s life. -- Caleb Davy A loving daughter is inspired by her father’s gift of life. -- Jillian Carroll and her mother, Judy “He always felt it was his duty to come to someone's aid or assistance.” -- Brandon Spight Granddaughter and grandfather saved by “selfless gift.” -- Cheyenne Arnold and Harrison Black A new heart changed lives forever. -- Jason Zhao image. At just 4 months, he received a liver transplant. -- Nicholas Sambilay “He now has the opportunity to see the world and all its beauty.” -- Alejandro Ortiz Teen continues to thrive many years after receiving a new kidney. -- Yatska Diaz Revered high school football player saved four lives through donation. -- Bill Falafasa Ala'ilima I know I’m reaching my goals and yours as well. -- Brittany Plater One person can save eight lives and improve 50 others. -- Photo of Abhishek T. Your well-being changes from loss of better times ahead. -- Chris Domine I want to sign up the most people in the United States. That’s my goal. -- Roxanne Watson If not for her heart transplant, Amalia would have missed watching her family grow up…. -- Amalia Castaneda It’s an incredible gift, and there’s no age limit on who can give, and who can’t. -- Steve Ferkau Why waste such a precious gift, when someone can benefit from it? If there’s a way I can help, that’s what I’m going to do -- Nick Doumas After four months of waiting, he received the call. ‘I was so excited, because it gave me hope. Hope to see my sons grow up and spend more time with my wife and family. -- Kelvin Y. “Say yes, check the box and tell your family. You have the chance to do something great.” -- Caitlin and her parents One person can save eight lives and improve 50 others. -- Blake and his mother, Robin

Life Stories of Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation

Every day, dozens of lives are saved and transformed by organ, eye, and tissue donors—and families of donors find the strength and generosity to turn their loss into hope for others.

This collection of inspiring stories of recipients, donors, and donor families offers insight into the donation process, and brings to life what organ and tissue donation make possible

Amalia Castaneda

Featured LifeStory: Amalia Heart Recipient, Illinois

Amalia and her husband Eduardo are very busy; they have four grandchildren to watch after school until their parents can pick them up. The couple dishes out the fresh fruit snacks and gets the kids started on their homework, then settle in to tell the story of Amalia’s heart transplant.

Read Amalia's full story >>

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